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Skid Steer Post Driver – What Is It & What Does It Do?

by | Aug 30, 2022

If you are in the construction industry, you might know skid steers. And the same goes for the road development industry as well. Because skid steers are highly popular in these industries as valuable piece of machinery that offers various benefits. But not many know about the skid steer post driver that brings a specific set of utility to the table. And that is why we are writing this small post that will help you learn about this machine. Because if you are related to the industries mentioned before, then this is useful information. And investing in these pieces of machinery can benefit both you as an owner and your business too.

So let’s find out what is a skid steer post driver and what it does first. And this will provide you with a clear understanding of this piece of machinery. Later on, if you are planning to invest in one this information will help you to take an informed decision.

What is a Skid Steer Post Driver

image of a skid steer post driver
A Post Driver from CTMachinePro

As the name suggests, this skid steer has a post driver attached that helps lay posts and fences to the ground. In smaller projects such as laying fences in farms and backyards, this piece of machinery is more suitable than an excavator with a post driver as an attachment. Because it is much easier to move in narrow space by using a skid steer than an excavator. And that is why the skid steers are a part of any large construction business or project. So many owners and project managers highly recommend buying at least one of these pieces of machinery for your business or project.

Having a post driver in your inventory can become highly beneficial for you. Because you can utilize this piece of machinery to expand your business and the work you do immensely. So let’s find out some of these benefits and learn how they help next. And it will give you a clear idea of how beneficial they are and the things you have missed because you do not own one.

Benefits of a Skid Steer Post Driver

1. Highly Mobile

You can transport a skid steer through narrow and small spaces to lay posts, unlike an excavator. And this high mobility it provides is one of the major benefits to smaller projects. Because you can easily transport and operate a skid steer without any issues in small areas. But it does not mean skid steers are perfect when it comes to mobility. As these machines are unable to turn like regular vehicles or an excavator. Because they turn using skidding and that’s where their name derives from. However, it does not mean they do not provide high mobility when it comes to small spaces. Because with an experienced operator you can easily operate and travel with a skid steer post driver while laying posts. So you do not have to worry that much about the mobility it offers when it comes to laying posts.

2. Quick and Efficient

The skid steer post driver uses quick and efficient mechanics to lay posts within a short time. So it takes less time per post and can lay the fencing and posts up quickly. And this is another factor that separates itself from an excavator with a post driver. Because the excavator is unable to match up the time per post a skid steer takes when it comes to laying posts. This is true especially if you were to consider laying smaller posts in a small-scale project. But it does not mean there aren’t uses for this machine when it comes to a large-scale project as well. Because you will never know when you need posts for fencing and similar reasons, especially in road development projects. So it is always good to have one in your inventory to do quick and efficient work to save time and money.

3. Less Safety Issues

Compared to an excavator, there are fewer safety issues related to skid steers. Because of its small nature, the skid steer post driver is easy to operate. Therefore safety issues surrounding this piece of machinery are fewer when compared to other heavy machinery used in these industries. But it does not mean there are zero safety concerns when operating a skid steer. So make sure the operator is well experienced in this field of work to avoid these safety issues. And also it is always good to have a safe working environment that practices good safety precautions as well.

4. More Fuel Efficient

Skid steers do not use more fuel than excavators to operate. So it is much more fuel efficient to use for laying posts. Since you can save a lot of money when it comes to fuel in your projects. Therefore it is much more suitable to go with skid steer post drivers when it comes to small-scale projects. And that is why you need to have one of these machines in your inventory for exactly these reasons.


The only downside of using a skid steer post driver is that you can’t lay large posts. For example, a skid steer won’t be able to lay electric posts in a road development project. And that is why they are mostly suitable for small-scale projects like fencing. So in these instances, it is much more preferable to use an excavator with a post driver. Since it brings the most benefits to these large-scale projects than a skid steer. Therefore make sure you know the requirements of your projects before you choose either one of these machines.

image of a skid steer


After reading this post, you now know how important it is to have a skid steer post driver and the benefits it brings in laying posts. But if you already have skid steer, then you migt not want to buy new one just for a post driver. Because you can buy the post driver separately and attach it your skid steer. But make sure you go to a reputable Excavator attachment manufacturer to buy one. And it will help you to buy the best skid steer that offers all the benefits mentioned above in the article.