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For High-Tech Excavation Machinery Attachments

Company Profile

2015 marked its founding year, Yantai Chengtai Construction Machinery Co.Ltd, today is an industry lead in manufacturing and developing Hydraulic Breakers – conquering the international market following a successful founding year. Our major here is Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators – weighing from 0.8 to 60 Ton, but we also produce Quick Couples, Post Driver, Plate Compactor, Hydraulic Spare Parts,and many other Excavator Attachments. We have to our name, two fully-fledged factories manufacturing simultaneously – handling mass production with quality and ease.


Ours is an industry which has a huge market demand for quality but fairly priced products for a gamut of operations happening all around the world - all inclusive of developed, developing and under developing countries. Yantai Chengtai has a mission to completely fill the gap in the market making available high-tech excavator machinery affordable for everybody to achieve their development goals.


Yantai Chengtai always holds firm to the product quality as Life of our enterprise and so keep inventing quality products, spare parts and provides a full range of hydraulic breakers from 0.8T - 60T that meet every configuration, application – creating massive market need for high tech products with simple operation capabilities through which we aim to become the industry lead.

Benefits of choosing us

We are an enterprise working to perfect our products to achieve international standards and so we fuel the process with premium facilities and raw materials to achieve the said goal. To ensure that you reap all the benefits at your end out of the quality we aim to achieve in our items we value supporting you, facilitating you to gain the maximum benefits out of our products.

Accumulating Premium Raw Materials

Quality Control for High-Quality Products

Facilities for maximum Production Efficiency

Excellent Customer Support & Instructions


Founded in 2015, Yangtai Chengtai marked a successful beginner year and continued to scale up that success story with each year that passed. During that time we’ve been fortunate to have to our name the best technical team backing up Chengtai’s success story providing their best to produce premium quality products and so be certified with EN ISO 12100: 2010 and EN 60204-2:2006 + AC: 2010 certifications.

Our production capacity under this strict quality exceeds 10, 000 units annually and this huge production capacity is also achieved through two high-performing facilities manufacturing simultaneously. We are sourcing premium raw materials for our productions and distribute them to international clients from around the world.


Hydraulic breakers come in various types and are specially devised and designed to serve specific excavator or demolition purposes. Connect with us to find what best suits your purpose!