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Yantai Chengtai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd provides quality management, coordination, production and processing and manufacturing excavator machinery attachments to a huge client base from around the world. The Company has developed expertise since establishment in the year 2015 and aims to continue to provide premium standards for excavator attachments. Yantai Chengtai also strives to expand the services, serving more clients. It is an EN ISO 12100: 2010 and EN 60204-2: 2006 + AC: 2010 certified company and with the use of highly precise facilities, Yantai Chengtai is able to reduce the error range of every item to 0%.

It is the policy of Yantai Chengtai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd to provide their clients with excavator machinery attachments and other spare parts to the agreed requirements of the client customizing the outer casing, the shape, color and branding in accordance with the details and price. For warranty privileges, we have varied warranty terms for different products which will be notified to the customers at the time of the purchase for an enhanced buying experience with a thorough understanding of your purchase.

The Technical Team, Directors, Management and other Staff of Yantai Chengtai Construction Machinery Co.Ltd are responsible for Quality Control through the Quality Management System seeking improvement by constant review, with suppliers and subcontractors being encouraged to cooperate. The Company is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by the use of quality procedures which will be operated to meet or exceed the requirements of the clients.