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Here’s to clear up some common queries for you. Contact us for more information.

Are you a manufacturer and what’s your ability to handle large orders?
Yes, Yantai Chengtai is a manufacturer and has two fully-fledged factories that can manufacture simultaneously, enabling us to handle large orders with ease.
Can you produce according to customers’ designs?
Sure, OEM is available and we also have our own brand YTCT and CTHB
What models of excavators do your products fit and how to ensure that Chengtai products will fit my excavator?
Chengtai hydraulic attachments can be adapted to different brand excavators. Tell us your excavator model and weight, and we can give you recommendations.
How immediately does the manufacturing process begin for my order?
Immediately, on the next work day after receiving the deposit for your order.
What is the lead time for large orders?
It depends on the units you order. Chengtai has large amounts of mainbodys, cylinders and spare parts in stock. As a manufacturer, Chengtai has a big advantage on the lead time and usually it is within 5-25 days after order is confirmed.
What’s the MOQ and payment term?
MOQ is 1 unit and our payment methods T/T, L/C, Western Union and MoneyGram. Other payment terms can be negotiated.
How about the packaging?
Standard export package, plywood cases, or other packaging requested by the customer.
What countries do you serve?
We have distributors and wholesalers in Europe, North America, and Asia to serve a worldwide customer base.
What about your R&D capabilities?
We have a specialized R&D system for front-end attachments for excavators.
What kinds of other products do you provide?
Other than Hydraulic Breakers, we provide Quick Couples, Post Drivers, Plate Compactors, Hydraulic Spare Parts, and many other Excavator Attachments as well.
How long will it take to process a shipment?
An accurate shipping time cannot be said because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but we can discuss alternative shipping methods at the placement of the order. However, our general shipping time is Within 7-10 work days after ordering the container and receiving T/T payment.
How can we ensure your quality?
Yantai Chengtai is a EN ISO 12100: 2010 and EN 60204-2: 2006 + AC: 2010 certified company and with the use of our highly precise facilities, we are able to reduce the error range to 0%.
Do you provide spare parts?
Yes we do provide spare parts to all types of excavators.
Do you provide Air transport?
Yes Yantai Chengtai will be able to provide Air transport with agreed terms and shipping charges.


Hydraulic breakers come in various types and are specially devised and designed to serve specific excavator or demolition purposes. Connect with us to find what best suits your purpose!